STUDENT is the main server for Laboratories. It provides:

  • LDAP user authentification (also called student or cluster or mail structural auth)
    These Username and Password are needed to access Workstations, e-mail for the domain, printing.

  • NFS export of 3 filesystems: /home    /home.NoBackup    /var/mail (5TB) to all the Workstations of the Laboratories.

    • A quota system limits student's to 5GB(home)/5GB(home.NoBackup)/1GB(inbox), and other users to 15GB(home)/15GB(home.NoBackup)/1GB(inbox);
    • Warning: when over quota the graphical login will not work:
    • the over quota user must perform a text-only login and must free enougth space to restore normal behaviour of the Workstations.
    • In each user home a link NoBackup gives easy access to home.NoBackup secondary home space.
      As the name suggests, no backups are performed for home.NoBackup filesystem.
  • Mail for the domain ( postfix ).
    The maximum extent of a single mail message is 100MB, to accomodate multimple pages scan via the Scanner Service.
    Care must be used in configuring a .forward file: most providers do not allow 100MB for a single message !

    Incoming mail is filtered by greylisting and two blocking lists, spamhaus and spamcop.
    At the moment there are no other antivirus or anti spam filters: user must be careful opening attachment with vulnerable systems.
  • dovecot, allows both IMAP and POP3 to access directly users' mailboxes througt advanced mail clients.
    A sample configuration:

    • username: steffe
    • password: xxxxxxxx
    • authentication: normal password
    • email address:
    • message format: plain text (disables HTML)
    • incoming IMAP mail server:
    • security: SSL/TLS
    • port: 993
    • outgoing SMTP mail server:
    • security: STARTTLS
    • port: 587
    After this setup the very first attempt to read or send e-mail will fail: this is the normal behaviour, and usually a popup will ask if user will accept server' certificate.
    Only after accepting it the program will be able to read and send e-mail.

    Outgoing SMPT mail server è is available both on port 587 with STARTTLS and 465 with SSL/TLS for compatibility with some old client ithat do not support STARTTLS but are still in use.


Both e are Linux VM and allow users remote access via ssh and scp.

Local programs like mail, mutt, alpine allow nongraphical access to the mail.

On and users will find the 3 filesystems /home /home.NoBackup /var/mail, common to all the other Workstations, an a fourth filesystem /bak.

On this filesystem /bak users wil find Read Only the daily, weekly, monthly Backups of /home and /var/mail.
Users can recover by themselves any file or directory previosly deleted by accident.


Computational Laboratory Aula 3 offers 12 Linux Workstations to authorized users (staff, postdoc, students who attend a Laboratory, student who are writing their Thesis).
Monitors support Full HD (1920x1024): use Nvidia Setup to change resolution as needed.

Local programs like mail, mutt, alpine allow user a direct access to email for the domain .


Computational Laboratory Aula 4 offers 26 Linux Workstations to all users who have valid LDAP account on student.

Local programs like mail, mutt, alpine allow user a direct access to email for the domain .


Licensed software: Matlab (R2007b) and Maple 9

Open Source Software of common use for a Mathematician is installed in all workstations. More Open Source Software is installable on request.


To access the two WEB interfaces:

LASKER acts as accounting printserver for all the Workstations of the Laboratories.
Student's print budget is 50EURO/semester.

STUDENT-STATUS (work in progress)

On, an authentified user can inspect his last logins, and check the status of sent mails, of filesystems quotas, of print quotas.


N. B. :
Personal web pages are NOT mounted any more on Laboratory Workstations !
To edit personal web pages all department staff, postdoc and other authorized users must use department servers like

Student's pages are hosted on PHC server


With copiers cdc4, cdcpt, cdcpp, cdcsd, cdclf users can scan a document and send it to a e-mail address.

A 50 pages A4 low resolution scan (200x200) produces a 1.8MB file; medium resolution (600x600) produces about 5MB.

The copier cdc4 send email directly to, whose mailer accepts single messages up up to 100MB. Sending scan to addresses should not be a problem.

The other copiers annd several providers have different size limits: we suggest NON to use different addresses or .forward rules unless you know exactly the email size limits of the other providers.

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