Monitoring Systems

  • smokeping , available on, is a system via which gives you a simple,graphical over-view of accessibility and the operating status of the Department's computers.
    Click here to access the computer monitoring system via smokeping.
  • The CNR IIT Network Group has developed the IPV4 and IPV6 6MoN monitoring programme which is installed on the server
    To access this monitoring system, use the guest account with the guest password.
  • There is also a monitoring system for the network SWITCHES, which records, at Layer 2 level, the MAC addresses of the computers and their location on the network.
    This system, combined with 6MoN, allows you to exactly locate the mains socket to which the active computers in the network are connected at all times.
    The old version, prior to the installation of 6MoN, also helps to locate the computer however: tonelli credentials are required.
  • ALARM System
    Using two servers and two UMTS modems, the CS has obtained a system whereby various alarm conditions mean an SMS is sent to the appropriate cell phone numbers. The alarms currently active are:
    • Over-heating of the server room.
    • Unreacheability of one or more network switches.
    • unreachability of some computers.
  • Other alarms may be configured on request.
  • A log server is provided by the CS for the administrators of servers and Department Workstations.
    The logs are recorded once a month and stored offline in a safe in the security cupboard in the Department administrative offices.
    The legal holder, in charge of handling such data, in accordance with art. 41f of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, is the Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa.

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