The Servers Rooms and other adjacent rooms

The Computer Rooms and other adjacent rooms are accessed via a magnetic access card which opens the security door of the premises.
Only authorized personnel of the Department have such cards.
The windows are protected with iron gratings.

In the entrance there are some supplies to which you may help yourself:

  • Small supply of paper for printers and photocopiers: to be used in emergencies, only when the reception is closed.
  • Small supply of toner for laser printers: to be used in emergencies, only when the reception is closed.
  • Small supply of cables: power cables, network connectors of various sizes. Feel free to use them, but the connectors must be deposited back here after use.
  • Small supply of keyboards, mouse devices, headsets, webcams:
    These may be borrowed but must be returned as soon as possible!
  • Some projectors, laptops and presenters: These are NOT to be taken out of the Department!
    These resources must be booked on the appropriate Department website page.
    The name of the person borrowing the resource must be written on the white board, and it must be returned as soon as possible!
  • The gutenberg printer.
  • Cleaning accessories for computers and screens.
  • High visibility jacket and Megaphone with built-in siren in case of fire.
  • Additional First aid kit.
  • CO2 fire extinguisher.

The doors leading to the computer rooms themselves are kept locked.
The keys are kept at the reception: copies are held by the Department Administration staff as well as Department staff in charge of the servers.

The CS coordinates all its own basic requirements, such as electrical wiring and LAN cables, SWITCHES, the air conditioning system, racks, UPS units, furnishings, spare parts.

The various research groups directly manage their own servers.

The CS also manages various other servers: those required for the correct functioning and monitoring of the LAN and the computers; others required for the Computational Laboratories - Aula 3 e Aula 4 ; others that are used by all the Department staff, students and visitors.

First Floor Printers' Room

In a room ( ex possetto) at the first floor of the main building we keep two printers.

Ask portineria for a key.
Please close the door with the key when exiting from the room!

the printers are (like gutenberg, HP LaserJet 600 M 603 ) and (an old HP Color Laserjet 2605dn.

A drawer holds more A4 white paper packs.

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