• Access to the rooms is controlled by a card system.
    Entry is forbidden to unauthorized people.
    Each user must close the doors after entering or leaving.
  • The rooms and equipment must be treated with care, with respect for others who are working and studying.
  • Do not take food or beverages into the rooms and smoking is not permitted.
  • Do not move the equipment, do not take furniture into or out of the rooms, do not change the air conditioning settings.
    Do not touch the UPS nor any equipment power.
  • Avoid turning off the equipment (except in emergencies).
  • In case of problems, please inform the personnel in reception or, in their absence, other Department personnel.
  • In case of fire, do not use water.


  • At the first login, the user must change the account password.
  • The account may be used by the user exclusively for the purposes of teaching, research and institutional study of the Department.
  • The account is strictly personal and not transferable to others.
    Account and password must not be given to any third party.
  • In addition to protection, copyright and privacy laws the Acceptable Use Policy of GARR, regarding use of the research network, must be complied with by the user when using the account on the Department computers.
  • The account should not be used for any operation that would undermine the good name of the Department.
  • The Department accepts no responsibility for lost files or service failure, or for any damage that may be caused by the malfunction of any of the Department computers.
  • The user must immediately report any malfunction, failure, suspected intrusion, theft or loss of credentials to the Director of the CS.
  • The account can be revoked or suspended at any time.


The user consents to the use of personal data.
There is a logging system on the computers: the user consents to the use of logs.

The legal holder, in charge of handling such data, in accordance with art. 41f of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, is the Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa.

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