Informations about the Computational Laboratories

  • To gain access to the laboratories you need the special magnetic card: here you find a copy (from Department main web page) of the rules and how to obtain the card, of the receipt form and of the request form for students and other users.
  • To use the Linux Workstation in the laboratories you need to have an account (username and password) for the "student" server.
  • You also need to accept the Conditions of Use of the Laboratories.
  • Students, visitors and other guests of the Department may request an account to the Director of the CS or to the Director of the Department of Mathematicd.
  • An email address is also provided with the account and will be of the following format:
    This email address can be used by both the Laboratory Linux Workstations or remotely on the website: (squirrelmail) or (roundcube).
  • Setting up of the magnetic card and account for students applies to the use of Aula 4 Workstations.
    Final year students can ask at reception to have authorised access also in Aula 3; and ask the Director of the CS to enable their login for the Workstations of Aula 3.
  • Students have a disk quota of roughly 5GB and 1500 printed pages per semester.
  • The remote control the projector remote in Room 3 is kept at the reception.
  • You can book Aula 3 and Aula 4 through the Department's website.

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